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Located in the heart of the Garden City of India, Bangalore, ITC Windsor Hotels is one of the top luxurious hotels in Bangalore. Connected and very near to the Bangalore International Airport, Bangalore Golf Course, Business District and Bangalore Palace, this hotel is a major stop for many tourists and families. Hotel Escorts Service in Bangalore through this hotel gives concierge services along with free wi-fi and parking facilities to all its guests. The cuisines of this hotel have received various awards across many segments. The major cuisines are south Indian with coastal and regional varieties like Anglo Lucknowi, north-west Indian, Afghani, Irish etc.  if anyone wants to experience a piece of Dublin then this restaurant will not only serve Dublin based drinks but also its cuisines as well. Same is the case with the Irish one. The hotel houses 6 big restaurants  and bar namely Raj Pavilion, Dublin, Royal Afghan Dakshin, Dum Pukht Jolly Nabobs and Fabelle and these are all spaces of pure luxurious delight for the dwellers. People dine and spend their time here, all merry-making eating the most sumptuous delicacies and enjoying music.


As far as room services are concerned, apart from the 4200+ normal guest rooms, 200+ luxury suites are available which are regal and majestic accommodating the colonial Cantonment history along with international standards of hospitality. All these rooms also include family rooms, non-smoking rooms with 24*7 room services and safe and reliable luggage storage arrangements. Bangalore Hotel Escorts through this luxurious hotel is built along the formats of the original Windsor Castle in the United Kingdom and thus it offers unmatchable luxury along with responsible hospitality services. the staff of the hotel are not only courteous but are also very helpful, especially during this Corona Virus pandemic times. Disregarding their own health dangers, they serve their guests with utmost care making them happy and comfortable no matter what. It even has a secret Aerial Garden which is connected with few rooms of the hotel purely for recreation purposes, totally breathtaking.

This hotel is additionally luxury LEED Platinum Certified and it not only serves prime luxury but also responsible luxury. By responsible luxury it means that all the vegetables that it serves are from local sources only, green banqueting which uses greenery in locations rather than large concrete spaces, recycling of water, reduction of water consumption, as well as taking the source of electricity from renewable energy sources only. This hotel is also used to house many parties and is also a base camp for Call Girls in Bangalore. The facilities are so regal and contemporary with modern luxurious paintings, that the guests here are too delighted to extend their stay. The hotel gives facilities for all its guest to take advantage of any kind of escorts services for day time as well as for the whole night. Any guests in need for Female Bangalore Escorts can avail this facility very easily for any party or just for spending some quality time here. the guests will not  face any hindrances or disturbances in availing any Bangalore Escorts Services as the hotel staff ensures the confidentiality and the privacy of its guests.